with Naofal Ouazzani

Sunday 20th February 2022

12.00 - 13.30

Yoga Kalika

Primusgatan 85, Lilla Essingen

Price: 295 kr

Do you want to learn to stand on your hands? Do you want to conquer the fear of being upside down? We use meditation and the focus on the breath to go from "disease" to be "at ease". Reserach has proven

that practicing meditation and breathwork have a lot of benefits on mental health and wellbeing.

This special workshop will introduce you to the fundamentals of inversions and take you step-by-step from your present state to a full inversion. We will focus on a proper warmup, alignment, balance, building strength and creating confidence being upside down.

If you are a total beginner or already master the basics and want to improve, then this workshop is for you. Come and play, it will be fun and developing.


Warm welcome,